We protect your intellectual property so you can continue innovating.

At Murabito Hao & Barnes LLP we are dedicated to providing the highest quality patent prosecution services while offering our technical and legal expertise at competitive values to our clients. We are committed to helping our clients develop and protect their inventions to their fullest potential by developing US and foreign patent portfolios. We provide a full array of patent prosecution services, opinion services, patent strategic planning services, and patent harvesting services. We offer patent portfolio building legal services to Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies while also maintaining a small client practice.

We specialize in the preparation, filing and prosecution of patent applications, in both the United States and worldwide, to provide a full spectrum of protection for our clients' inventions and technology. We work diligently to provide our clients with the knowledge and expertise of our well-versed foreign associates regarding international patent matters, when needed, to provide complete protection of their Intellectual Property. Many of our attorney and administrative legal services, including patent preparation and prosecution services, are offered in flat rate fee schedules for our portfolio building clients.

Our specialty technology fields have been formed and developed in Silicon Valley, CA and reflect the cutting edge, high technology companies that we represent. Our technology focus includes Microprocessor Architecture, Graphics Processor Architecture, Software Design including Storage, Relational Database, Operating Systems and Graphical User Interface, Networking, Wireless Communications, Mobile Devices, Consumer Electronic Devices, Magnetic Storage Devices, Semiconductor Fabrication, Flat Panel Display Technology, Analog and Digital Electronics, GPS, Circuit Design, and much, much more.